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Dusty Allen  

Dusty Allen grew up here in Meeker and was raised hunting and fishing by his dad, Steve.  I guided for a couple of other ranches earlier on and came to Nine Mile in 2010. I have been guiding big game since 2002.  When I am not guiding or hunting for myself I am a journeyman lineman/mapping tech for our local rural electric coop.
I spend absolutely as much time in the woods as I can.  I really enjoy archery hunting for myself and I own a few hounds that I pursue mountain lion and bobcat during the winter months.  I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to hunt bighorn sheep, desert bighorn sheep, stone sheep, mountain goat, Canadian and Shiras Moose, as well as deer, elk, antelope, bear, and mountain lion.

“While I was growing up my dad guided every fall so I guess guiding fell into place quite easily for me.  I really enjoy meeting new people and having the opportunity to guide return hunters each fall.”  

Nine Mile Guest Ranch
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