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Mike Seely  

Mike Seely is a Meeker native whose easy way with people and his passion for a good hunt are noticed and appreciated by every hunter he guides. He has been working with Nine Mile / RTS since 2012, but has been guiding since about 1987. Becoming a guide was an easy transition from “tagging along” with hunters who stayed with his family while hunting in the Meeker area.

Mike works as a Mechanic/Welder for White River Electric Association, and he has done some excellent welding and design work for Nine Mile / RTS Hunting. His favorite outdoor recreation activities are hunting (archery hunting for elk), fishing (fly fishing preferably). As a guide, Mike gets great satisfaction from teaching a first-time hunter, although he has hunters who have followed him from property to property just to have him as their guide.

His advice to hunters as to what rifle to use is that it’s more important to be familiar, comfortable, and proficient with your rifle than to have anything fancy or high-priced. And your camo pattern doesn’t matter nearly as much as whether the clothes serve their intended purpose.

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