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Steve Allen  

Steve Allen is Dusty’s father (and the influence he references). He is an expert hunter and outdoorsman who loves hunting and guiding, whether with a first-time hunter or one who is experienced. He has been guiding since about 1977, at which time he was a young man. He came to work at Nine Mile in 2014, helping Dusty, who is the camp host at the Nine Mile South Camp. He has hunted in Northern British Columbia, Alaska, and the Northwest Territories, along with Colorado.

Steve recommends that a hunter shoot a gun he is comfortable with, that is big enough to do the job, and that he can shoot accurately to 400 yards. He adds that you don’t always need the heaviest bullet made for your caliber. And those extra bullets should not be carried in the bottom of your pack!

When it comes to eating meat from game animals, Steve says he likes Chicken-Fried-Anything-Steak – and if someone else is cooking, please make gravy because he cannot!

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